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Michigan Seller’s Disclosure Act: What You Need to Know When Buying or Selling a House

Oct 22, 2020

Introduction Buying and selling a house can be one of the most important events of your life and for many people will be the largest financial transactions they ever participate in . Buyers and sellers should have a basic understanding … Read more

Where Can I Walk on the Beach in Michigan?

Oct 19, 2020

Have you ever reached the end of a public beach and wondered if you could keep walking?  Michigan is surrounded by the beautiful Great Lakes, their beaches attract millions of people each year. But lakefront property in Michigan is largely … Read more

Michigan Summer Resort Owners Act

Oct 19, 2020

INCORPORATION OF SUMMER RESORT OWNERS Act 137 of 1929   AN ACT to authorize the formation of corporations by summer resort owners; to authorize the purchase, improvement, sale, and lease of lands; to authorize the exercise of certain police powers … Read more


Oct 19, 2020

NONPROFIT CORPORATION ACT Act 162 of 1982 AN ACT to revise, consolidate, and classify the laws relating to the organization and regulation of certain nonprofit corporations; to prescribe their duties, rights, powers, immunities, and liabilities; to provide for the authorization … Read more

Michigan Land Division Act

Oct 14, 2020

LAND DIVISION ACT Act 288 of 1967 AN ACT to regulate the division of land; to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare; to further the orderly layout and use of land; to require that the land be suitable … Read more

Michigan Condominium Act Rules

Oct 14, 2020

DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATORYAFFAIRS DIRECTOR’S OFFICECONDOMINIUMS MICHIGAN CONDOMINIUM ACT RULES (By authority conferred on the department of licensing and regulatory affairs by section 142 of 1978 PA 59, MCL 559.242, and Executive Reorganization Order Nos. 1996-2, 2003-1, 2008-4 and … Read more

Commercial Real Estate Broker’s Lien Act

Oct 8, 2020

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKER’S LIEN ACTAct 201 of 2010 AN ACT to create a lien against real property for unpaid commercial real estate broker’s commissions and services; and to provide remedies. History: 2010, Act 201, Imd. Eff. Oct. 5, 2010. … Read more

Great Lakes Submerged Land Act

Oct 8, 2020

NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT (EXCERPT)Act 451 of 1994 PART 325 GREAT LAKES SUBMERGED LANDS (Great Lakes Submerged Land Act) 324.32501 Additional definitions. Sec. 32501. As used in this part: “Department” means the department of environmental “Director” means the … Read more


Oct 8, 2020

  Michigan Condominium Buyer’s Handbook CONDOMINIUM OWNERSHIP Condominium unit co-owners have exclusive ownership rights to their unit and the right to share the common elements of the condominium development with other co- owners. The condominium subdivision plan, which is part … Read more

Michigan Condominuium Law FAQ’s (LARA)

Oct 8, 2020

STATE OF MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS CONDOMINIUM ACTFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is the role of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)? The role of the Office of Policy & Legislative Affairs within LARA includes: … Read more