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Former Property Owners have a Right to the Surplus Proceeds from Tax Foreclosure Sales 

Dec 1, 2020

Introduction  Owners who lost property in a tax foreclosure may be entitled to compensation if the county auctioned the property for more than the tax owed. The Michigan Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Rafaeli, LLC v Oakland County, No. 156849, WL 4037642 (Mich. July 17, 2020), made an important pronouncement about the rights of former property owners to the surplus proceeds from property tax foreclosure sales by holding that the practice of counties keeping surplus proceeds from tax foreclosure sales is unconstitutional. In short, the Michigan Supreme Court held that if a county retains “surplus … Read more

Protecting and Cleaning Up Your Property Interest: An Overview of Quiet Title Actions

Nov 23, 2020

Introduction  If there is something wrong with or complicated about the title to your real estate or the real estate you’re about to purchase, then a quiet title action may be necessary.  As explained below, a quiet title action is a lawsuit that literally “quiets” disputes, claims, or challenges to the title of real property.  For most people, real estate is the most valuable asset they own. Without proper title, it can be almost impossible to sell or get a mortgage on property. For this reason, it is important … Read more

Michigan Seller’s Disclosure Act: What You Need to Know When Buying or Selling a House

Oct 22, 2020

Introduction Buying and selling a house can be one of the most important events of your life and for many people will be the largest financial transactions they ever participate in . Buyers and sellers should have a basic understanding of the law related to transferring residential property and most importantly Michigan Seller’s Disclosure Act (SDA), which imposes legal requirements on sellers to disclose specific information that they know about a home. This article will provide an outline of the … Read more

Where Can I Walk on the Beach in Michigan?

Oct 19, 2020

Have you ever reached the end of a public beach and wondered if you could keep walking?  Michigan is surrounded by the beautiful Great Lakes, their beaches attract millions of people each year. But lakefront property in Michigan is largely privately owned and “No Trespassing,” which causes many people to wonder: where Can I walk on the beach? The short answer is that individuals have the right to walk the Great Lake shorelines in Michigan, but this right has limits. … Read more