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Business Law

Commercial Leasing

Real Estate Transactions

Development, Zone & Land Use

Condominium Law

Real Estate Litigation

Construction Litigation

Probate Litigation

Easement & Boundary Disputes

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Shoreline Protection

Homeowners Associations

Agricultural Land Law

Construction Law & Liens

Title & Parition Disputes

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Award-Winning Experts

Our legal team is led by highly-regarded, award-winning attorneys with established reputations as leaders in their field. We aim to be the very best.

Client Centered

We understand that you want exceptional legal representation; we also understand that you want exceptional client service. We built our team and systems to ensure you get both.

Problem Solvers

We seek solutions. Real solutions. Tailored to you. Not legal analyses that offer more questions than answers. Not cookie-cutter legal strategies. we are business owners ourselves and know first-hand what needs your focus. We are the rare attorneys who gage our success through your return on investment.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, any form of contact with us in the beginning stages does not indicate an attorney-client relationship. This relationship may be established after we have determined that we are able and willing to accept this case and we have entered into a written contract.